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Powerful, confident Destiny makes it to the final

In case you’re living under a rock and didn’t see the first Eurovision Song Contest 2021 semi-final last night, Destiny has made it through to the final, with her powerful rendition of Je Me Casse.

Destiny was one of 10 singers out of 16, who qualified for Saturday’s upcoming show, and we could not be more emotional, or proud. She was joined by Norway, Israel, Russia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Cyprus, Sweden, Belgium and Ukraine.

The second semi-final will see another 16 countries vying for a spot in the grand final. The big-five countries, which include France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, as well as the host country of the Netherlands, flew straight into the final, without having to compete in the semi-finals.

Before you say or read anything else, check out her performance below:

For days on end, Destiny was a frontrunner to win this year’s Eurovision, according to official bookmakers. Prior to her performance, she had slipped to third place. However, she started the night with a 13% chance of finishing third in the final, and by the end of the show, she was running at 18%!

Italy and France remain the top two favourites, with Italy at 23% and France at 19%.

Despite what the odds may say, we truly believe that our confident, playful and powerful Destiny, is certainly destined for greatness.

What did you think of her performance?