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Maltese singer Amber releases album ‘1991’

Just last week, local singer and songwriter Amber celebrated her 30th birthday, hence the name of the album, 1991, the year of her birth.

Via social media, Amber has been teasing her fans and followers, dropping hints on a daily basis related to the name of the album, which eventually led to the official announcement of the album today.

1991 features no less than 12 songs, including Put Away Your Money, which climbed to the top of local charts, Free (Nanna’s song) and Alive. It has a 90’s pop feel to it, with the addition of other styles, as Amber’s intriguing vocals add a unique, interesting twist.

Every single song was written, both in terms of the lyrics, as well as the music, by the artist herself. “Working on this album has been a wonderful journey. Getting to write my own music and experiment with different music genres has definitely helped me grow as an artist,” said Amber.

The album was released by WickedandLoud records and Believe Music and is now available on all digital platforms including Spotify.

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