Top hidden island beaches

Paradise bay

Photo: James Bianchi

Summer is steadily approaching and as a result of the pandemic, we prefer to opt for the quieter, more secluded spots. Though stunning beaches on the Maltese Islands are definitely abundant, we’ve taken the liberty of creating a list of the hidden gems, so you can soak up the sun, in relative peace and quiet.


Kalanka Bay

Photo: James Bianchi

Location: Marsaxlokk

Tip: Careful when diving into the natural pool

Just a stone’s throw away from St Peter’s Pool, you can find Kalanka Bay, a top-notch swimming and sunbathing location, just with less people and significantly less noise. If you continue down the same road as St Peter’s Pool, you’ll come across the bay and its natural swimming hole. The bay is a prototype of the surrounding coastal area, with unique cliffs known for their sole composition of Globigerina Limestone. The central part of the bay, where you’ll find the natural swimming hole, features deep blue sea and rocks, which meet in a fascinating curve, as waves crash on the pinnacle. Just a little note: care when jumping into the water from atop the pool due to the height. You may be better off accessing the water from the right-hand side of the pool.

Imġiebaħ Bay


Photo: Kevin Gauci

Location: Selmun, Mellieħa

Tip: Pack sunscreen and some snacks

Now, this one a little treasure. Off the beaten track and only frequented by a few locals and the odd tourist, who have been given directions, Imġiebaħ bay is as quiet as can be. You can access the beach from a secondary road, opposite the Selmun Tower, which continues along the countryside for rather a long stretch. Once you get to the bay, there is a step path, which begins at the improvised car park overlooking the bay, a view which is as rewarding as it is impressive, as it is a snapshot of pure, unspoilt wilderness. Once you get to the bay, the water is crystal clear and the sand is golden. Just remember to bring along everything you may need because as you might expect, amenities are not exactly within reach.


Paradise Bay

Photo: James Bianchi

Location: Mellieħa

Tip: Morning and weekdays are best to avoid crowds

Offering a completely unobstructed vew of Gozo and Comino islands, Paradise Bay truly lives up to its name. This bay can only be accessed by a fairly long flight of steps but don’t fret, anything your heart desires is available on the beach, including sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, restrooms and food and drinks! Oh and also, throughout the summer, the Lido is open every night for dinner, wiith live entertainment on selected nights of the week.



Photo: Paul Herrera

Location: Għasri, Gozo

Tip: Comfy shoes are a must

A stunning, narrow creek that’s one of the most picturesque places you’ll see in a while, Għasri Valley’s cove is around 300m long, with a winding inlet and high cliffs on wither side. The water is crystal blue, calm and ideal for divers and snorkelers as it also features underwater caves, namely the well-known Cathedral cave. Though the pebbled beach is rather small and accomodates only a few sunbathers, Wied l-Għasri is a unique hideaway that you really shouldn’t miss if you’re venturing out to Malta’s sister island of Gozo.

Daħlet Qorrot


Photo: Paul Herrera

Location: Qala, Gozo

Tip: Grab your snorkel on the way out

This adorable bay is relatively small and can be found in the north of Malta’s sister island of Gozo, right between the towns of Qala and Nadur. The bay is pebbly and features a few boathouses, which have been dug into the soft limestone cliffs. The limestone is full of interesting fossils, making the bay a geological hotspot. Daħlet Qorrot is surrounded by caves and large rocks, providing you with shade during the sweltering summer heat, allowing for you sit back, relax, and finally finish that book you’ve been reading. Keen snorkeler? Perfect. This bay offers an entire underwater universe, as well as very clear water. Also, the beach has a small snack bar, a first on this list!



Photo: Paul Herrera

Location: Mġarr

Tip: Grab your snorkel on the way out

Chances are that if you have visited Malta, you’ve undoubtedly visited Għajn Tuffieħa bay, also known as Riviera, right? Have you ever taken a walk through the clay slopes near Għajn Tuffieħa and come across another secluded, sandy beach? Though it may look as though it is absolutely impossible to reach, we are here to dispel the rumours. The lesser-visited Qarruba bay can either be reached by hiking through the wilderness, by climbing down the rather treacherous clay slopes, or chartering a boat and visiting the bay in the least painstaking of ways. However you attempt to reach Qarruba, be sure that you are in for a treat as many merely opt for the more popular sandy beaches found in the area.

Slugs Bay

Slugs Bay

Photo: Luke Grech

Location: Marfa ridge

Tip: No flip-flops to be seen here, take proper walking shoes

First on the list is Slugs Bay. Don’t be deterred by the rather unattractive name of the beach because we can assure you, this bay is really pretty. It is a secluded, small pocket beach with a few square metres of sand, overlooking Mellieħa. As with many beautiful places in the world, the bay can be a little tough to reach, with moderately difficult terrain, descending along a cliff slope. In truth, the bay was a natural accident, caused by the accumulation of fine sand in the shallow space, between a group of large boulders that collapsed from the cliffs adjacent. Slugs Bay is in pristine condition and if the tiny beach is occupied, set your towel down on any of the flat surfaces surrounding the water.