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The New Victorians collaborate with London-based rapper for third single

The New Victorians have released a brand new music video for their latest song Would You Stay?, the third single from their EP titled If I Had to Tell You the Truth, which was recently released.

The video is the third and final of a series of videos, which the dynamic duo filmed, in differently coloured rooms, representing the social isolation felt during the past year of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. It also features London-based rapper and producer, Graver.

The song revolves around the concept of trusting a person with the truth, and wondering whether or not they will stay, in spite of it. It deals with the uncertainties and difficulties associated with being vulnerable and honest in a relationship.

The New Victorians, which are made up of sisters Bettina and Philippa Cassar, worked on the writing and music production of the track virtually, together with Graver, where they would send one another ideas and updates, while discussing feedback via video chats, until both parties were satisfied with the finished product.

Check it out here:

“Working with an international collaborator during lockdown was a source of hope for us despite the technological challenges – a sign that we can fight the pandemic and continue building creative bonds, even through the tough circumstances, with people all over the world, who are facing similar difficulties,” said the duo.

Earlier in 2021, The New Victorians released their debut Maltese track called Min Jaf, which featured Malta’s Got Talent star Lapes. Min Jaf was followed by One More, their second single of the year, which featured X Factor Malta winner, Michela.

 All three songs form part of The New Victorians’ five-track EP, in which the sisters collaborated with five different artists including local artists such as Djun, and international artists such as the Horvath Bros., after they received the Malta Arts Council COVID Support Grant, to continue creating work on a remote basis, during lockdown in March 2020.

The official music video for Would You Stay was produced by V Squared Media, in collaboration with local fashion designer Carla Grima. The single was produced by The New Victorians, with additional production and mastering by Howard Keith at Jagged House Studios. The project is supported by Arts Council Malta, European Foundation for Support of Culture, led by Konstantin Ishkanov, Bathroom Design Malta, Fino, Sigma and Dean Gera.

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