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Seeing the end of Malta’s record-breaking heat wave

Malta’s on-going relentless heat wave is well on its way to breaking a new record as the islands’ longest lasting heat wave ever recorded.

Over the last week or so, the Maltese islands sweltered in a heat wave, with the long-standing June temperature record smashed twice. 25 June was registered as the hottest June day in the archipelago’s meteorological history, when the mercury rose to 41.3 degrees Celsius at the Malta International Airport.

According to forecasters, we are to expect that temperatures will continue to rise over 35 degrees Celsius and over, until at least 4 July. A strong northwesterly wind may bring some semblance of relief from the intense heat as of the 5 of July. This would lower the temperature to the seasonal 30-31 degrees Celsius during the day and 22-23 degrees Celsius during the night.

The last two weeks have been very warm across parts of Europe, including Malta, as we were found to be the ‘hottest place in Europe’ on 24 June.

“The persistent strong heat and very high temperatures are warming up the seas as well. The Mediterranean sea is already very warm, with a temperature anomaly of 3-5 degrees Celsius above the long-term average across the central and especially, northern parts,” said forecasters at Severe Weather EU.

Are you enjoying the heat wave or are you eagerly waiting for it to come to an end?