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Ray Piscopo Announces New Exhibition in St Julians

'on the mount' by ray piscopo

Artist Ray Piscopo, who has been active on the local art scene since the 1970s, has just announced a new exhibition. The majority of the paintings on display at the Cavalieri Art Hotel explore Piscopo’s emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic had a significant impact on my life, much like it did with everyone else’s,” says Piscopo, whose art has been exhibited in countries as far afield as the USA and Italy. “Like many others, I isolated for safety, but because I was grappling with a whole range of feelings, I spent most of the past 17 months painting from dawn till dusk.”

Among the paintings on display are The Four Seasons, which looks at how so many have been denied the chance to shape their own futures; and Back to the Roots, which explores how such times can make one question past mistakes and missed opportunities. But the artist also has moments of hope, with paintings like I Will Survive showing that redemption for humankind is possible, and On the Mount looking at how the divine offered solace to so many during these difficult times.

One thing that most of Piscopo’s followers will notice is that the artist has dropped his signature colour palette, with its use of vivid and bold colours, in this exhibition. Instead, he uses beiges to set the mood and adds small pops of colour to show that even in the bleakest of moments, hope still has an important role to play.

Ray Piscopo

“Over the past year and a half, as exhibitions were cancelled and gatherings were curtailed, my paintings became my only means of communicating with the public… Social media helped, but I am so happy they’re back in a real-life format, where people can explore art as it is meant to be explored.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Cavalieri Art Hotel General Manager Mark Camilleri, says: “Now that we have reached an advanced stage in our refurbishment programme, we shall refocus our energies on our identity as an art hotel. To this end, we are very excited to announce a new partnership with Ray Piscopo, whose interests lie in motion, movement, colour, vibrancy, and order – all of which is manifested in his abstract and contemporary works of art.”

'I will Survive' Ray Piscopo

'back to the roots' by Ray Piscopo

The exhibition is open for viewing at the Cavalieri Art Hotel from Monday to Sunday until further notice.