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Enemalta postpones power cuts due to heatwave

Enemalta has postponed all scheduled maintenance works on the power grid, which would have required electricity to be suspended in several localities, in light of the heatwave that struck the islands this week.

A long lost of maintenance works released earlier in the week, would have seen extensive power cuts in several places over the next two weeks. In case you had any doubt, many people weren’t exactly fond of the idea, as they commented that they could not comprehend why the work was being done at the height of a heatwave, when electricity was in high demand.

In a statement on social media, Enemalta said that “in view of the heatwave that hit the Maltese islands,” it would be postponing all regular maintenance work on the distribution system, except those that are considered to be essential.

“All of Enemalta’s engineers and technicians have been deployed to carry out emergency repairs where needed.”