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Underwater clean-up at St. George's Bay in St.Julian's

Corinthia St. George’s Bay partners up with NGO Zibel,  to help retrieve a good amount of garbage from the  St. George’s Bay seabed

Corinthia St. Georges Bay has partnered up with NGO Zibel to help protect the marine environment and clean-up the St George’s Bay seabed.

Zibel is  a registered Voluntary Organisation and eNGO with the aim of reducing the overall waste generated on the Maltese islands and restoring natural environments to their most natural states. Its team of licensed divers are helping to  deliver a sustainability commitment towards a cleaner environment.

This partnership takes place bi-yearly: before summer, allowing swimmers to enjoy a pristine bay, and after summer, guaranteeing that the only things that are left behind are great memories.

Earlier this summer, divers picked up a substantial amount of debris and litter from St George’s seabed.

Trash in our oceans is a serious problem that threatens the marine environment and dependent livelihoods. Although it is an entirely man-made problem, it is also entirely preventable. As well as refusing single-use items, reducing your waste, reusing items and recycling trash, you can become part of the solution and make a difference by running beach and underwater cleanup events.