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Malta’s international air show is back

After a hiatus lasting no less than three years, aviation enthusiasts can finally enjoy Malta’s International Air show once again, between the 25 and 26 of September.

The show is split into two categories: the air display and the static display. The long-awaited air display will be taking place along the Qawra coast and the static one will be held at Park 4 at the Malta International Airport. In addition to the usual two, the brand new SR Technics hangar will also be serving a purpose, as it will be the temporary home of the aircraft, which are being brought in from eight different countries.

The 26th edition of the air show, according to the president of the Malta Aviation Society, was rather a challenging one, due to certain contracts falling through as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. That being said, the show would certainly generate interest in the aviation sector, in addition to the trade that it would generate. According to Alex Muscat, parliamentary secretary for citizenship said that the Malta Community would be giving €50,000 in financial support, for the air show to take off.

The history of the Malta International Air Show

The first ever Tornado landing in Malta was by MM7040/36-35 from 156 Gruppo, 36 Stormo, Italian Air Force, an IDS variant, on 24 September 1993

Photo: Malta Airport Movements by John Visanich | Facebook

The air show is one of Malta’s biggest outdoor events and has, over the years, gained a well-earned reputation as one of the island’s top outdoor family events. Approval for the show was first given in September 1993, following years of strong lobbying from the Malta Aviation Society. The first edition was held over Marsamxetto Harbour with its surrounding bastions and the public were treated to a spectacular aerial display, with the Patrouille de France giving their first display in Maltese skies.

28 years later and the event has grown both in terms of numbers as well as quality. Over the years, the Airshow has attracted a myriad of interesting aircraft, including Israeli F-15s and F-16s, Czech L-39, Italian F-104s and Do-228, Ex-Israeli A-4 Skyhawks, US Navy F-14, EA-6B, S-3s, Tornados, B-52, B-1B, Spitfire and Hurricane, plus most of the European national display teams, including the Red Arrows, Patrouille de France, Frecce Tricolori, the Spanish team Patruila Aguoila, Swiss PC-7 team, Breitling Jet Team and many others.

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