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Din l-Art Ħelwa core mission includes climate change

The non-governmental organisation known as Din L-Art Ħelwa has expanded its core mission to include climate change, biodiversity and pollution. Din L-Art Ħelwa, which is known for its focus on cultural heritage, is currently on the search for students, scientists, specialists and people interested to form a part of a core group that will be primarily focused on its new and expanded remit.

The core group will be lobbying for change with the government, the business community and citizens on a national level. It will also tap into international organisations or formed of and work with other NGOs on a local level.

Earlier this month, global scientists who formed part of the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, warned that humanity was facing a ‘code red’ scenario, with climate change temperature limits likely to be reached far earlier than we thought.

With the report in mind, Alex Torpiano, president of Din L-Art Ħelwa said that the NGO felt it was duty-bound to expand its mission to encompass this new reality that we are all facing.

The organisation has, many a time, successfully restored and maintained historical sites. They have also managed natural areas and campaigned for better planning policies and for the conservation of natural and historical patrimony.

“To safeguard Malta’s cultural heritage and the natural environment for future generations, which includes the hands-on conservation and restoration of our built and natural heritage,” reads Din L-Art Ħelwa’s mission statement.

The president is urging volunteers to join the organisation and “be part of the solution.”

Should you be interested, send an email to admin@dinlarthelwa.org