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Airport Impressions release a brand new LIVE single off their upcoming LIVE ALBUM

Airport Impressions‘ brand new single ‘Why Are We Here’ is a powerful song with lyrics that seem to question our purpose on this earth and the value of chasing dreams.

The powerful lines with Errol’s signature vocals erupting into an impassioned chorus “Can you hear my cries in the pouring rain?  Can you walk the walk? Can you hear my call? Can you see me crawl?” are a plea to feel significant and to feel that our existence is worthwhile, especially to those around us. 

The band was thrilled to have Phoenix Malta AFT, The Pit Malta, Rebels MC Malta on board and featured some members of these organisation in the making of the music video.

As frontman, Errol Sammut, said “my vision for the video has always been the mashup between my favorite sport, American Football and the band’s passion for music.”  We were lucky that at the time of the video conception, Phoenix Malta and their coach, Domenico Barbuzza were preparing to take the big step of implementing Tackle Team, thus becoming the first American Football team in the island of Malta.  Further, with the ingenious input from one of The Pit gym owners, Daryl Psaila, the video was taken to a whole new level cemented by the arrival of the MC Malta on the scene. 

Lastly, collaborating with the talent behind their previous video, ‘Standing There’, Mr. Clive Brincat and his team delivers another brilliant video which the band feels is the pinnacle of their work to date.

Watch the music video below: