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Malta’s civil protection delivers humanitarian aid to Lithuania

The Maltese Civil Protection department (CPD) has travelled and donated a collection of pillows and sleeping bags to Lithuania, as part of a humanitarian aid project. This was the fourth donation of its kind done by the department in the last few months. Earlier in the year, face shields were donated to Nepal, antigen tests were given to Tunisia and a number of COVID-19 vaccination doses and antigen tests were passed on to Libya.

Their latest generous donation of pillows and sleeping bags arrived in Lithuania last Tuesday, by means of a direct flight that was organised specifically for this cause. The trip was completed with the full support of the Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in addition to Air Malta, who also aided and supported the voyage.

The initiative was done by means of a collaboration between the EU mechanism DC ECHO and Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) and the donation cost amounted to over €57,000, €25,000 of which will be paid through the previously mentioned mechanism.

Emanuel Psaila, the general director of the Civil Protection Department said that it had invested more than €800,000 last year alone, for apparatus and other equipment in aid of humanitarian initiatives. This also serves as a backup just in case humanitarian crises strike any country. He appealed for more humanitarian work to take place, so as to be in a position to help other countries when and if necessary.