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Go Green week: Eden Cinemas showing environmental movies to raise awareness

Starting today Eden Leisure Group are organising a myriad of activities with the aim of raising awareness about the ongoing impacts of climate change.

Eden Cinemas will be dedicating a screen for the week, to show several environmental films to the public, for free! A €1 donation will however be collected from every movie-goer, which will be donated towards a green fund. Check out Eden’s schedule here.

Which films will be shown this week?

Before the flood

A total of six films will be shown throughout Eden’s latest sustainable initiative Go Green Week, including Before the Flood, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, which focuses in global warming as the Oscar-winning actor travels the globe to witness the effects of an impending environmental disaster.

i am greta

Also on the schedule is I Am Greta, which follows Greta Thunberg, who started school striking for the environment to send politicians a message that if they didn’t care about her future, then neither did she.  

happy feet

For the little ones (and adults, too if we’re being honest), Eden Cinemas will also be showing Happy Feet. The adorable film tells the tale of a penguin named Mumble, who can’t sing to save his life and discovers that he has no Heartsong. He does, however, possess the skill of tap-dancing.

an inconvenient sequel: truth to power

The fourth film is An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. The powerful documentary addresses the progress made to tackle climate change thus far, as well as Al Gore’s global efforts to persuade world leaders to invest in renewable energy.

extreme weather

The fifth film being shown at Eden Cinemas is called Extreme Weather; an up close and personal look a some of the most bewildering and potentially deadly natural phenomena, tornadoes and glaciers, all the while showing how they are interconnected and changing the world as we know it.

The arctic: our last great wilderness

Finally, The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness will be shown, as it illustrates some of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles. The Arctic National Wildlife refuge, which is located in the northeastern corner of Alaska, is often referred to as the wildest place in North America and this film marks the first ever cinematic account of the little-known land, where people can experience a world that is untouched by time.

In addition to the movie showings, an environmental awareness campaign will be taking place, with a reach of over a million people, across all their media platforms, including the radio and their social media. The campaign will be aimed at sharing tips on how to be more environmentally-friendly in our daily routines. What’s more, several beach and underwater clean ups are being organised, with the company’s own employees volunteering to take part in locations including Għadira, Golden Bay, Spinola and St George’s Bay.

Among other events and activities, the company will also be hosting a used book drive, to redistribute collected second-hand books to Inspire charity shops, in addition to there being in-house activities for their employees to encourage greener lives within the office spaces, too.

“We hope this will inspire individuals as well as other local businesses to push for more sustainable practices and habits,” said Eden Leisure Group in a statement. “We believe that every small action we take can contribute to a bigger change for the better.”

The Go Green Week initiative is supported by the ministry for the environment, climate change and planning, as well as the Saving Our Blue campaign.