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Maltese gelateria Sottozero broadening its horizons

One of Malta’s favourite ice-cream parlours, Sottozero, will be opening a brand new shop in the south of Malta, in the beautiful village of Birgu. Initially, the company teased us all without revealing the location but they have finally released all the information we needed.

The new Birgu outlet will be joining their already well-established shops in Buġibba and Sliema, as they too will serve around 120 different (and yet, equally delicious) flavours to ice-cream fanatics all over the island.

In addition to their classic flavours, Sottozero also offer some exciting specials, such as Salted Caramel and Bacio Bianco, sorbets, and a myriad of sugar-free, lactose and gluten-free options for those with intolerances or allergies.

Sottozero’s story

The gelato factory was founded back in 2006 and have, throughout the years, been striving to invest the Sottozero brand and diversify in new product lines, whilst keeping the quality of the artisan product on the highest level possible.

The founder, Christian Granata, was born in Viserba in Italy, to an Italian father and a Maltese mother. They moved to Malta when Christian was three and his mother’s great passion for cooking, born from the fusion between the Maltese and the Romagna, soon inspired Christian to enter the world of gastronomy and later, ice cream.

The family began operating a business in the clothing sector and then in 1996, they opted for the catering industry. In 2006, they opened their second outlet, and first ice cream shop, and focused primarily on artisan ice cream. Sottozero The Gelato Factory started off with just 24 classic and fruit flavours. As time wore on, trendy flavours such as Mars and Snickers were added to the mix. Following further investment, a brand new laboratory came to be, set up exclusively for the preparation of gluten-free ice cream. The Maltese Celichia Association helped the brand in the process and today, all of their ice-creams are in fact, gluten free.

The factory currently offers a range of 120 flavours, which rotate on a weekly basis with 60 different flavours constantly on display. The Granata family made sure to stay as current as they needed to and have the largest selection of gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, fat-free and vegan ice cream on the island. Their sorbets are also made from fresh local fruits, which are delivered on a daily basis from local farmers.

Will you be checking out their new outlet?