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The Travellers announce new single: Inżul u Tlajja

We’ve been waiting for this one for a while! The Travellers are releasing the title track from their upcoming album called Inżul u Tlajja. What’s more, the music video will be launched on the 27th of this month, so set your alarms.

The album itself is a conscious effort for The Travellers to write about personal life experiences, with most of the inspiration for various tracks on the album being the writer’s experiences, his interpretation of events and social issues that are affecting the younger generations.

The single, which bears the same name as the album, Inżul u Tlajja, relates to the ups and downs in life, and successfully conveys a story, which will be revealed once the music video is released.

Who are The Travellers?

The Travellers are a six-man band, which originally started as some fun between friends and quickly developed into one of the islands’ most-loved bands.

They are comprised of Chris Gatt as main vocals, Clayton Bonello on bass, Joseph Xerri on trumpet, Andrew Vella on guitar, Sylvano Mizzi on the saxophone and Michael Camilleri on the drums and with contrasting influences ranging from brit-pop to reggae, punk to dance music, the band was more than well equipped to bring the edge, pop sound we all know and love.

The Gozitan band was formed back in 2013, with their name being inspired by just how often the members found themselves having to travel between the two islands of Malta and Gozo by ferry. They released Sempliċita in 2016, which was a raving success. This was followed by Dak Li Int and Xemx u Xita, both of which topped the local music charts.

They went on to release Iljuni Fis-Silġ in 2018, bringing us right back to the present, and their highly-anticipated Inżul U Tlajja release.

Stay tuned!