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Ray Piscopo’s new paintings capture long-lost scenes

Ray Piscopo (artist)

Marsa-born artist Ray Piscopo has just announced his second exhibition in the space of four months. The showing will include 13 paintings that bring to life scenes from the past, with goat herders, donkey-pulled carts, religious processions, niches carved from limestone, and harvests in bountiful fields being represented in a semi-abstract idiom.

“Malta’s past has to be remembered in one form or another. Indeed, the passing of time might have changed the Islands’ scenery, but our memories of their beauty and of the way our forebears lived do not need to,” the artist explains.

The paintings are in Piscopo’s latest style; with beiges and browns setting a rather nostalgic tone, while specs of brightly-coloured oil paint remind us that there is hope wherever we look for it.


Il-Duluri tal-Imsieraħ

“With this exhibition, I wanted to immortalise iconic scenes in the way I see them, and to revive the beauty of sights we can no longer see. Even so, there are many beautiful scenes we can still appreciate today, but we need to take care of them if we are to save them for future generations,” Piscopo concludes.

The exhibition is set to open on Monday 4 October and will be on at the Cavalieri Art Hotel in St Julian’s. It will be available for viewing from Monday to Sunday thereon until further notice.