Five ways to enjoy Gozo’s blissful outdoors this autumn

Five ways to enjoy Gozo’s blissful outdoors this autumn

Visitors to the island of Gozo often remark that it is more rural, greener and moves at a slower pace of life when compared to mainland Malta. First impressions last, and the welcoming Mġarr Harbour, your first stop in Gozo, is a taste of the beauty that lies within the island.

Autumn is a great time to visit Gozo for anyone wishing to enjoy the island without the summer crowds and with mild weather that allows for various outdoor activities. Indeed, this is the time when the summer’s scorching heat ebbs to welcoming warmth and the island’s climate and geography combine to create an ideal playground for those seeking the thrill of the outdoors.

This season offers visitors the possibility of experiencing the laid-back island life as well as the cultural aspect of Gozo. With warm temperatures, beaches here are frequented well into November when water temperature averages a soothing 23C(73F) and coastal areas are blissful havens of unspoilt nature and crysal clear waters. Indeed, the outdoor summer life lingers on as winter seems to be willingly postponed.

Patrons still eat out enjoying the open terraces of the various dining places spread around the island, or on beaches where delicious local snacks of fresh bread, tomato paste, pickled onions and goat cheeselets, tempt the senses.

Whilst Gozo’s tranquility still provides a charm for every visitor to the island, slumber is surely not a word to be associated with Gozo, where outdoor activities are aplenty; whether it’s abseiling, climbing, rambling, boat trips, segway tours, horse riding experiences, boarding, or biking, the island of Gozo has something to tickle anyone’s fancy and to keep every member of the family entertained in the place that matters most – the great outdoors.

Here are some of the best activities you can enjoy when on the island of Gozo this autumn:

Break in your hiking boots

Gozo is just 14kmX7km yet the visitor is rapidly rewarded with an unspoilt, rugged landscape, from pretty villages to rural countryside to prominent hills and dramatic coastlines. The combination of this provides the rambler many wonderful experienes. From peaceful country and hill walks to rambles along cliff-tops with panoramic views; from coastal paths past extraordinary natural features to heritage trails through the alleyways of the Knights of St John or the unique prehistoric landscape, Gozo offers a unique experience.

On your bike!

The island offers a variety of bike routes that cater for novices and can also challenge the most experienced of riders. Whatever your level of expertise, Gozo’s meandering country paths and old streets will definitely tickle your fancy. One of the best ways to really sample what the island is all about is to get off the beaten track, rent a bike and follow the signs of the SIBIT project. The SIBIT route in Gozo runs around the entire coast, through as many as 14 villages, and takes in most of Gozo’s main sights, both natural and historic.

Gliding fun

Going on a segway tour is a relatively new way to discover Gozo’s hidden treasures. This two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter is easy to use and especially comfortable if hiking is not your thing. There are several routes that have been prepared especially for this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Go for a swim


Gozo’s mild winters mean that the sea temperature is warm for most of the year. This makes water-sports practicable throughout the year. There are several ways in which you can make the most of Gozo’s beautiful sea in autumn – diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding are perhaps the most popular activities, for a true experience of the beautiful Mediterranean sea surrounding the island.

Rock climbing activities

Enjoy Gozo’s unique landscape the adventurous way. Cliffs, caves, coves – the island’s geology is unique and spectacular and if you are the adventurous type, you will be definitely entertained as you climb or abseil one of the natural rock formations, against the backdrop of the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

Choose a stress free holiday, away from busy roads and into the peace of country lanes. Surround yourself with nature, choose a cultural event or dine at your favourite restaurant. Gozo is so much different, yet just a 5km ferry trip away from Malta.