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LifeCycle Malta Foundation holding training sessions for LifeWalk

LifeCycle Malta Foundation holding training sessions for LifeWalk

The LifeCycle Malta Foundation is organising daily training sessions, in the run-up to LifeWalk, a 100-mile (160-kilometre) walking challenge, which is set to take place on harsh terrain in just four days, across Hadrian’s Wall in the UK for charity.

LifeCycle Malta’s team started training back in January of this year. However, the sessions were temporarily put on hold due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Since training has restarted, sessions have been ongoing, at gradually increasing difficulty and length, as participants are preparing for the herculean challenge of walking across the UK, from one coast to the other. Some athletes are currently walking between six and 10 hours a day, completing between 20 and 30 kilometres on a daily basis.

The concept is similar to that of LifeCycle, which the Foundation has been organising for many years. In the case of LifeWalk, rather than completing the distance by bicycle, challengers will battle a long-distance endurance walk, over a shorter period of four days, on historical trails in unpredictable weather.

“Although this is not as challenging as cycling an average of 180 kilometres a day as normally happens during the annual LifeCycle Challenge, walking 100 miles will push participants to their physical and emotional limits as they each walk an average of 40 kilometres per day for four straight days, with early wake up calls and walking till exhaustion, said LifeCycle Founder Alan Curry.

LifeWalk Challenge 2021 is a project created by the Renal Unit Support Hub (RUSH), by the LifeCycle Challenge Malta. As it stands, RUSH also provides external help to renal patients including free transport to evening treatment, free fitness sessions, free counselling advice and are now helping the foundation in creating a wishlist for the year to come. LifeCycle Malta Foundation, the only NGO raising money to support renal patients in Malta, works hand in hand with the Renal Unit medical staff at Mater Dei Hospital, as well as UM’s kidney disease research team, via the University’s Research Trust (RIDT). LifeCycle Foundation also generates awareness about organ transplants in Malta. The main sponsor for the challenge is NESCAFÉ, who are backing up the LifeWalk 2021 Challenge.

Want to make a donation? Send to the LifeCycle Malta Foundation via Revolut to +356 99 329 101, by PayPal here and via SMS:

  • 5061 7370: €2.33

  • 5061 8920: €6.99

  • 5061 9229: €11.65

Via call:

  • 2160 2020: €10

  • 5170 2005: €15

  • 5180 2006: €25