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take me home: january 2021

take me home: january 2021

We’re sad to see you go but to make your departure a little bit sweeter, we’ve compiled a list of all things Maltese, which you should definitely make space in your luggage for…

postcards from paradise

This book reveals an ‘unofficial Malta’ – the story of the islands and its mutations, where time once was indefinable and events unfolded at a slower pace. The visual artist and photographer, Duška Malešević, is based between Berlin and Valletta

aquatic landscapes

An original painting called Aquatic Landscapes, painted with acrylics, Indian ink, pastels and pen on A2 paper, which can be picked up from the artists’ studio in Valletta or delivered, with matt black framing, including a humidity foam board, by Denise Scicluna


An on-going collaboration between Jimmy Grima and Max Saliba, producing limited edition prints drawn and hand-pulled in Gozo. Here are two prints, both of which are numbered and signed by the artist and printer: Octopus and Calamari, both a part of Series A, by Tiny Island Studio


The Citadel, iċ-Ċittadella, is in the very heart of Gozo and is believed to have been the acropolis of the Punic- Roman city of Gualos or Glauconis Civitas. If you’re travelling to Malta’s sister island of Gozo, it simply cannot be missed. This
is part of a series called The Colours of Malta, a celebration of the vibrant and iconic scenes of our beautiful country, presented in their purest form, by Te Fit-Tazza


Part of a series called MALTA, this one is titled MALTA 02. The photographer sees this phantom world where objects and situations shape-shift into totems that confound our attempts to decipher hidden meanings as a form of aerial poetry, by Supraterrae


A few prints from the series Repose, an on-going series of fine-art prints of hand-draw illustrations. As the title may suggest, they are captured during down-time, embodying an instantaneous unique and playful feel, by local artist Emma Fsadni


This painting is the artist’s most direct attempt at capturing the iridescent beauty of industrial oil spills. Layers of paint of varying densities build to mimic the brands of colours in oil slicks that form on top of the water. This limited edition print is 60cm x 40cm and can be framed if you wish, by Ġulja Holland


This print, called Not Your Virgin, not Your Whore, is a hand-printed photo-collage and illustration by Alexandra Aquilina, of an image by photographer Zvezdan Reljic. The Maltese silkscreen printer, artist and creative is based in Berlin and is inspired by Gen-X nostalgia, pop culture, female icons, religious imagery and cats. This print is by ScreenGirl


The Collared Dove, or as scientists know them as, Streptopelia Decaocto, is
a relatively recent arrival to the Mediterranean and can be heard cooing softly early in the morning and flying around in pairs. This print is part of a four-pack, all of which are birds native to the region. The Maltese illustrator, designer and visual artist, is based in Spain and his work is largely graphic in nature, by Steven Scicluna


Daydreaming about sailing into the sunset? Here’s a hand-made print to hang at home, which brings the dream a little closer to reality. The artists’ inspiration is drawn from the beauty of nature and the sense of escape and peace of mind it brings, by Swell Studio