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Cheek to cheek: A new tool for Malta-based artists

Cheek to cheek: A new tool for Malta-based artists

Rochelle Gatt, movement artist and project panager for Cheek to Cheek

Cheek to Cheek is bringing the DasArts Feedback Method to Malta: a tool of great benefit to artists who are constantly seeking collaborative environments, and who are embedded in devised works.

What is the tool all about?

The tool supports a non-defensive discussion in relation to artistic works-in-progress. Led by a belief that we can learn a great deal from each other as artists, this is a horizontal tool which does not necessitate a hierarchy. The scope is to postpone harsh criticism whilst allowing the feedbacker to enter somebody else’s artistic work in a graceful manner.

What will your paticipation involve?

The process will consist of three 2-day workshops between January and April, followed by a longer workshop culminating in a theatre creation in May 2022. Workshops on the feedback tool will be led by Manolis Tsipos – a performance maker, performer and writer, based in Amsterdam.

How will it work and who is it for?

No fees will be required for participation in this atelier. We are interested in your presence and willingness to engage in collective discussion with artist-peers. Preference will be given to Malta-based performing artists who are 18 years or older. The project aims for an inclusion of varied disciplines such as dance, theatre, acrobatics, writing, visual arts, game design, puppeteering, direction, etc.


Send an email to cheektocheekmalta@gmail.com

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