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The Way Back: Malta’s first blockbuster series

The Way Back: Malta’s first blockbuster series

The Way Back is premiering exclusively at the Eden Cinemas for its official drop and we’re eagerly waiting!

The series is the first of its kind in Malta and is the country’s first English-speaking, blockbuster, cinematic experience. With the first season dropping as a cinematic release, it will be shown in three parts, resulting in a two-hour action packed viewing experience.

What is The Way Back all about?

The Way Back is essentially a love letter to Malta during the 1980s. It’s set in a time distorted version of history spanning the last 40 years and revolves around the disappearance of a boy’s mother. Following her disappearance, the boy and his friends are drawn into an extraordinary mystery, involving a top secret government experiment, a well-trained hitman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and an ever-ticking clock, counting down to them losing the woman forever.

The series is made up of three action-packed episodes, featuring everything and anything you can imagine, including guns, stunts, sparks, chases and enough ice-cream to give anyone diabetes.

Who is behind it all?

The brains behind the series, DIFYRENT, is a local production company, primarily focused on high-end large scale films and television productions.

Dylan Odom, executive producer, said: “We made The Way Back because we wanted to create something for people like us, who wanted to see this type of sci-fi adventure movie made in Malta. Basing it in 1981 was an obvious choice from our end, seeing as we can take our audience on a trip to a time in which we all might want to go visit.”

DIFYRENT has partnered with Eden Leisure Group to bring audiences an exclusive fun-filled premiere in cinemas in January 2022.

Watch this space for updates!