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Maltese mum shares her journey with her son born with Down syndrome in a series of videos

Maltese mum shares journey with son born with Down syndrome in a series of videos

With a solid background in learning and development and as a mum of a child born with the down syndrome condition, local mum Tania Camilleri is making a difference by sharing early child development activities on her YouTube channel; The Inspirational Mum.

Dr Tania Camilleri said that  “having a child with the down syndrome condition exposed us to various therapy sessions including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and early intervention. Thus, we thought that we should pay it forward and share all the useful guidance gained from these sessions with other parents who may not have access to such therapy sessions”.

Through the channel, The Inspirational Mum shares useful tips and activities that may be done at home for children to reach particular milestones, such as crawling, walking and talking. The main mode of learning shared is through play; it is deemed fundamental for children to reach milestones.

Many hands on and inexpensive learning activities are uploaded on YouTube every Friday and Sunday for parents to boost their child’s gross and fine motor skills. Every Wednesday an educational toy is reviewed for parents to be able to make an informed decision before buying the product.  Daily life experiences are also shared through YouTube Shorts.

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