Celebrating National Anything Covered In Chocolate Day

Celebrating National Anything Covered In Chocolate Day

Believe it or not, 16 December is the ‘National Anything Covered In Chocolate Day’. If you’ve ever wanted to try a questionable food item in combination with chocolate but were hesitant to do so, then today is your day to do it. The best part is that if someone sees and questions you, you can just blame it on this national food day.

With the endless supply of sweets amongst the impressive list of cafes, restaurants and hotels on the island, you’ll be sure to find something chocolate covered. If not, we have a list of Maltese (and non-Maltese) foods you can cover in chocolate and enjoy.


With dates being the shining star in the traditional Maltese ‘imqaret’, they certainly are a local favourite. Dates can also be found on the Maltese market in a chocolate-covered form. Dates are a naturally sweet fruit and with their small and convenient size, make for an ideal pick-me-up and on-the-go snack. You can find chocolate-covered dates in Maltese supermarkets as well as select health food shops.


Who doesn’t love this warm, fluffy and addictive treat? Although some may say that waffles are drizzled with chocolate, rather than covered, you still can’t go wrong. Created in Belgium but now (thankfully) found in many cafes and restaurants around Malta, you can dive in and enjoy an array of different waffles all with their unique flavour combination. Perfectly finish and top off your waffle with a generous amount of chocolate spread, sauce or pure melted chocolate for that addictive and satisfying kick. Some exclusive waffle joints include;

Kannoli Tal-Irkotta

These deliciously sweet and crispy treats are similar to Sicilian cannoli (which can also be chocolate coated) but are filled with sweet Maltese ricotta instead. Found in many cafes, you can also enjoy these in a chocolate-dipped version. Whether it be the shell covered in chocolate, or the whole kannoli itself, you’ll satisfy both your sweet and chocolate cravings.

Christmas Log

A festive holiday staple (or an all-year-round treat if you prefer) for many Maltese households, is the delicious and highly addictive Christmas Log. Although it comes already chocolate covered, you can never say no to this incredible dessert. It’s different to the ‘Christmas Yule’, as it has instead a slightly crunchy and ‘harder’ biscuit-based centre rather than a soft sponge. If you find yourself scrambling for the time during the Christmas period, you can always pick up a freshly made traditional Christmas Log from;

The obvious (strawberries, marshmallows and bananas)

These are if not the most popular and common foods to dip in chocolate. If you’ve got a fondue fountain at home, you most likely also have these ingredients ready to go. Whether it be the slightly tart, yet sweet flavour of the strawberry you adore or the soft and chewy texture of a marshmallow, you’ll never complain when pairing these scrumptious foods with chocolate.