Art Exhibitions Taking Place This Month

Art Exhibitions Taking Place This Month

Malta is bursting with exciting art exhibitions at any time of year. Here are the ones not to be missed this January

Enlightenment Exhibition

The exhibition centres around the use of colour, texture and 23.5 karat gold leaf, as a form of expressing the artist’s personal journey over the past year and a half. Despite the turmoil and trepidation, through the darkness, colour, light and gold have shone through. The gold leaf is symbolic of the instances of beauty, growth and timelessness which were intertwined within these difficult moments in the artist’s life. Moreover, the dual metaphoric symbolism of the gold and gilding techniques used in creating these abstract pieces, reflects the relevance that the traditional and timeless technique of gilding has in the realm of art. Through her paintings, Rebecca finds a form of escapism from the bitter realities of this period in her life while also celebrating the triumphs experienced in the face of adversity.

Where? Art Galleries of the Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta

When? 5-25 January

lampuki moqli

Mariam de Giorgio’s first solo exhibition sees her exhibit paintings executed in acrylic paint that feature her distinctive style. The paintings are of a joyful family life and exploration of the Maltese countryside, seaside, and more, as well as the tranquility of the home. This exhibition highlights all that, in De Giorgio’s mind, makes the Mediterranean life on the Maltese islands so worth living. The exhibition’s title is that of one of the exhibits, a still life of fish and essential ingredients for cooking a favoured Maltese dish.

Where? The Storm Petrel Foundation, Triq Sant Anton, Attard

When? Palm Court Lounge, Phoenicia, Floriana


unseen and unheard

Unseen and Unheard is an exhibition that sheds light on overlooked or previously unrecorded war narratives and microhistories from Malta and elsewhere. It brings together items and artefacts drawn from different collections, with a primary focus on wartime experiences of women and girls.

The exhibition was inspired by a series of conversations between the Storm Petrel Foundation and Dr Robert Attard. Dr Attard had found a collection of letters written by a young German woman during the Second World War, some of which will be on display in the exhibition, together with other artefacts from a number of collections. For more information visit

Where? The Storm Petrel Foundation, Triq Sant Anton, Attard

When? 17 January-14 April


C'est La Vie: Sculpture Exhibition

The solo exhibition by ceramist Joseph Agius focuses on various aspects of life. The exhibition title is meant as a tongue-in-cheek or sarcastic comment to highlight the alienation that we are surrounded with and the ‘laissez-faire’ way of life that we are so used to live in. The aspects tackled are various and origin from different strata of life as well as from different countries. The sculptures presented in this collection are all executed in ceramics, a signature medium for Agius who has been working for over 30 years and all come with very evocative titles, which is very typical and expected of Agius’s provocative works.

His profession as a nurse exposes him to a world whose fabric can include pain, disease, despair and death. World news is also a source of inspiration. Thus he tends to favour a social neo-realist aesthetic.

Joseph chooses linguistic metaphors and figures of speech as springboards for his creations, so the titles of his works have a metaphorical origin which he subsequently interprets as a narrative in clay.

Where? Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq, Mqabba

When? 20 January -12 February


The project is an introspective visual art exhibition by Clint Calleja, consisting of paintings, sculptures, photography and installations revolving around the theme of ‘Trauma and Memory’. The artworks will be unfolding through autobiographical recollections that remain imprinted in his memory. Unfortunately, most of these are of a traumatic nature.

Curated by Kenneth Cassar, this exhibition is an intimate confession through four life-changing tragic chapters which have marked the artist and his family in a short period of time.

Where? Space C, Spazju Kreattiv. St James Cavalier, Castille Place

When? 20 January – 26 February

What’chu Looking at?, Who you Speaking with?: A Gazing All Around

This exhibition of contemporary art will explore the intricate entity of Africa through the eyes of contemporary African artists. A two-way gaze of reflexivity and shared understanding through artistic investigation will provide a look into the lived realities across the continent.

Where? Space A, Spazju Kreattiv. St James Cavalier, Castille Place

When? 27 January – 4 March

harmony in motion

Joseph Casapinta started out as a graphic artist, a competent illustrator and technically a highly pen and ink observer of all things mundane.  Apart from the Marine, Rural and Urban scenes, his passion for Classic Cars has lead him to produce automobile portraits becoming known by auto enthusiasts world-wide.

With his exceptional drawing skills, proficient in various mediums, he has become one Malta’s leading artists known for his mix medium technique, in Ink and Watercolour, which can be seen clearly in this exhibition. 

Where? Gemelli Art Gallery, Ta’ Qali

When? 14 January – 31 January