Five bucket list hiking trails in Malta and Gozo

Five bucket list hiking trails in Malta and Gozo

Dingli Cliffs

Photo credit: RevealMallta

January in Malta tends to be colder than December but still comfortable enough to get out, take in some fresh air and walk on one of Malta’s many hiking trails. Malta’s hills make the island a good hiking choice as it challenges its hikers and pushes them to walk on a variety of land types – those being sandy, dry, rocky and smooth, amongst others. Additionally, expect to walk past and through numerous landforms such as beaches and cliffs.

Dingli Cliffs, Dingli

Photo credit: Alessandro Ricciuti

The Dingli Cliffs are found on the west coast of Malta. Located in the locality of Ħad-Dingli which is home to one of the highest points in Malta, you can expect to see stunning views overlooking the Mediterranean sea and plenty of cliffs as you explore throughout the hike. As this trail is set on much higher land and overlooks the ocean, it is best to bring a wind-blocking jacket to keep you warm and protected.

Whilst up there, Filfla and the tiny islet of Filfoletta can be seen, where you can admire their long untouched beauty.

Xemxija Loop, Xemxija

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Begin in Xemxija and cross the coast to get a glimpse of the popular Golden Bay from afar. Throughout the hike, you’ll walk through built-up towns and past empty fields, exploring views and environments you perhaps haven’t before. This hike is for experienced hikers as on average, it takes just over two hours and requires some uphill climbing.

Once you reach the west coast, you can sit down and take some time to enjoy the stunning ocean views and fresh air in the open space. On the way back, you’ll be trekking past farms and hills, giving you a break from the usual built-up scene and hustle and bustle.

Wied il-Ghasel, Mosta

Photo credit: pudina

Wied il-Ghasel, which translates to the ‘Valley of Honey’, is full of flora and rock formations. With many grass-covered paths, exploring this natural beauty with its tranquil atmosphere will make you never want to leave. The valley is just around the corner from Mosta, fortunately meaning that the city centre is only a quick walk away if you become peckish, need to rehydrate or require something quickly.

This hiking trail is very popular amongst hikers and is a definite go-to when you want to go out and take a nice, adventurous walk.

Għar Lapsi, Siġġiewi

Photo credit: Maltatina

This hike is perfect if you’ve got an extra couple of hours up your sleeve. Found in the southwestern region of Malta, Siġġiewi is quite popular with hikers, as it is sprawled with fields and a generous amount of spacious land. Surrounded by the Maltese countryside, hikers will love this area as they can challenge themselves with the many routes on offer.

This specific Għar Lapsi hike is looped and takes around two and a half hours on average to complete. Ideally, interested hikers should obtain experience, as this trail at times can be quite rocky and close to the edge of multiple cliffs – so look out.

Ramla Country Walk, Gozo

Photo credit: Experience Gozo

With Gozo being a more relaxed and quieter island, hiking there is a definite must. This route starts from Marsalforn Bay, passing through the village of ix-Xagħra, and ends in Ramla Bay, classified as a Natura 2000 protected site. A very scenic route, as you pass through vast open fields and coastline cliffs. When hiking on the coast of Ramla Bay, view the stunningly crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and head up to the beautiful Calypso Cave, located in a cliff just off Xaghra. 

Exploring this much of Gozo takes time, so if you have between three and a half to five hours available, this route would be a good fit.