Top romantic spots in Malta to visit for free

Top romantic spots in Malta to visit for free

We all love to be wined and dined at a fancy restaurant on date night, but let’s face it, it’s not realistic to expect this kind of treatment multiple times a week. And let’s be honest, it can get a little bit boring too. That’s why having a few ideas that cost nothing but mean everything in your back pocket is a great idea. Seeking some romance? Here are some ways to treat your loved one to a romantic activity in Malta without splashing the cash.

Stroll around Mdina

Mdina, also known as the ‘Silent City’, sits on top of a hill overlooking large parts of Malta. A small town, rich in history and surrounded by tall bastion fortifications. It’s filled with centuries-old buildings that have been well-maintained throughout the ages and is a sight to behold for anyone visiting the Islands. Its countless charming winding streets make for a good stroll around the city as you make your way to the bastions, sit on a bench and take in the view. There’s also plenty of places for a romantic lunch or dinner.

Stargaze at L-Ahrax tal-Mellieha

Photo credit: William Attard McCarthy

Stargazing is at its best on crisp, clear winter nights when the moon is in the crescent or gibbous phase. Perched high atop a cliff on Malta’s stunning North West tip, Aħrax tal-Mellieħa is one of Malta’s most popular campsites, boasting breathtaking scenery, varied landscape and unique botanical life. There’s little light pollution, making it an ideal spot for stargazing too.  So park your car, get comfortable, and have a romantic astronomical experience… it’s time to go get a bit of sparkle in your life.

Relax at Gardjola Gardens, Senglea

The Gardjola Gardens are located in the south of Malta, in Senglea, perched on the bastion with stunning panoramic views over Marsa, Valletta, the Grand Harbour and Fort St Angelo, Vittoriosa. Take a romantic stroll at this peaceful spot, which offers visitors ample area to sit back, relax and get cosy in the shade of large palm trees whilst admiring the picturesque views.

Watch sunset at Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto, one of the most beautiful natural caves on the island,  is located on the southern village of Qrendi. Visitors can witness this cave for free from the adjacent viewpoint on the outskirts of the fishing harbour. The road approaching the viewpoint is scenic in itself and from the top of the hill, you are guaranteed to witness views that will take your breath away.  Watch the sun set over clear blue water behind the iconic island of Filfa in the distance,  making the whole scene unbelievably beautiful.  If you seek romance – this is definitely the place to be.