Maltese Eateries Around The World

Maltese Eateries Around The World

Malta is a small island but comes with a big love of food, culture and tradition. Throughout the immigration period, many Maltese people left their homeland to relocate to larger countries as they were after a life that would provide them with good work, plenty of opportunity and in turn, somewhere where they would be content. 

Maltese people emigrated from Malta primarily to Canada, the UK, the US and Australia majorly between 1840 to the late 1970’s (with years between seeing an increase or decrease). Fast forward to 2023 and the world is extremely global and multicultural with people of all nationalities leaving influence in foreign countries that they have taken from their own. With that, we take a look at a few Maltese eateries that are located in numerous countries around the world. 

Gato’s Pastizzi - New South Wales, Australia

Via Gato's Pastizzi

Perhaps one of the most well-known facts is that Australia and Malta have a long history and relationship as many Maltese people emigrated to Australia back in the 1950’s – with some even returning back to the little Mediterranean island. However, that hasn’t stopped Maltese culture from being present in the land down under. Finger food catering company, ‘Gato’s Pastizzi’ caters, you guessed it, pastizzi and Maltese pasta. They offer 14 varieties of pastizzi as well as traditional ravioli with ricotta cheese (and parsley). They also carry homemade Maltese biscuits and ensure the stock of Figolli is available every Easter. They have been making pastizzi since 1979 so producing high-quality pastizzi, comes as second nature.

TasteMalta - Florida, USA

Via TasteMalta

TasteMalta serves plenty of traditional Maltese foods. If you’re after kwareżimal, honey rings (Qagħaq ta’ L-Għasel), Maltese bone biscuits (Għadam tal-Mejtin), figolli, Maltese ricotta, pastizzi or qassatat to only name a few, TasteMalta is definitely a good place to visit. 

Just like Australia, many Maltese people emigrated to America in hopes of having more opportunities, so it comes as no surprise that locations throughout the states have few Maltese eateries to continue the line and tradition of Maltese culture. 

Ramandalicious - Yorkshire, England

Via Ramandalicious

Ramandalicious only operate through deliveries but their products are definitely worth it. They offer stuffed olives (Żebbuġ Mimli), baked pasta (Timpana),  almond biscuits (Biskuttini tal-Lewż), sesame biscuits (Qagħaq tal-Ġunġlien), Wudy sausage rolls and Kinnie, amongst plenty more. 

The beauty of Ramandalicious is they offer not only Maltese hearty foods, but also snacks, should you be craving a small Maltese treat like the beloved, Twistees. 

The Original Maltese Pastizzi Co - Melbourne, Australia

Via The Original Maltese Pastizzi Co

Serving a very generous selection of Maltese foods, any Maltese who is visiting Melbourne or resides in the city will definitely have their generous dose of Maltese food. They offer everything from a date and fried thin pastry dessert (Imqaret) to water crackers (Galleti), pastizzi, halva (Ħelwa tat-tork), sheep milk cheese (Ġbejniet), Gozo sea salt, tomato paste (Kunserva) and Maltese nougat amongst many other delicious foods.

You’ll be able to take these traditional Maltese delicacies home and bring Malta to your table.

Nannu’s Pastizzi - Ontario, Canada

Via Nannu's Pastizzi

The name in itself is traditional Maltese so it comes as no surprise that the foods they serve also fall under the same category. Serving pastizzi, filled pastry (Qassatat), timpana, bread with kunserva, olives, broadbeans and onions (Hobz-biz zejt), Kinnie, to even ‘Blisters’ by Sunshine Snacks as well as non-Maltese foods, Nannu’s Pastizzi has something for everyone.