Scouting For Malta's Best Local Produce At Maltese Farms

Scouting For Malta's Best Local Produce At Maltese Farms

Everyone wants their share of fresh produce that is healthy, nourishing and affordable. With the season beginning to change, now is the perfect time to head out and enjoy the warm weather with family whilst sourcing out the best locally grown produce.

Here, we take a look at the best places you can go to buy fresh, natural and delicious Maltese produce.

Vincent's Eco Estate, Mġarr

Via Vincent's Eco Estate

The farm sells a large range of organic products such as fruits, vegetables and gourmet foods. The best part is that the fresh produce shop is right on the farm which means that all of the products that are in stock, came straight from the farm. 

They also produce their very own extra virgin olive oil with olives found around their olive garden and ‘Vortex area’. Their fresh produce ranges from tomatoes to bell peppers, garlic, onion, lemons and watermelons to name a few and the farm is a fully certified organic farm so you can rest assured knowing that the produce you are eating, contains no harmful chemicals.

Visit their website here for more information and to see their products.  

St.Andrew's Farm, Swieqi

Via St. Andrew's Farm

Having a shop in Sweiqi along with their own farm right next door, customers can be happy knowing that the products they purchase, are of high quality and locally grown. They also have a shop full of condiments and jarred vegetables. Fruits, vegetables and herbs can all be found at St. Andrew’s farm and the selection is very generous.

Visit their Facebook page here for more information and to see their products.

Fuklar Organic Farm, Mġarr

Via Fuklar Organic Farm

Selling certified organic produce along with wine, Fuklar Organic Farm offers customers a large range of fresh fruits and veggies. They “are striving against all bureaucratic odds to produce organic fruits and vegetables and hopefully win.” They offer a unique range of organic produce such as clementines, grapefruits, mandarins and oranges.

Having spacious farming areas in the country village of Mġarr, customers can enjoy their products knowing that everything is locally and organically grown.

Visit their Facebook page here for more information and to see their products. 

Ta' Qali Market, Attard

Via Culinary Trip Facebook

Perhaps one of the more well-known markets, the Ta’ Qali Market offers customers an abundance of fresh produce. If you’re after Maltese foods, you won’t be disappointed as you’ll be able to find Maltese honey, bread, bigilla, ġbejniet and meat and fish products. 

If you’re after fruits and vegetables, you’ll be able to find them on Sundays. The Ta‘ Qali Market allows farmers the chance to show off and sell their produce, whilst allowing customers to buy deliciously fresh foods for a cheaper price.

The Ta’ Qali Market exclusively sells Maltese produce so when purchasing products from the market, you’ll happily know that you are buying and supporting local.

Visit here for more information. 

Green Thumb Farm, Naxxar

Via Green Thumb Farm

Specialising in microgreens, shoots and microleaves, Green Thumb Farm offers a wide selection of unique products, allowing customers to enjoy nutritious and delicate products that perhaps otherwise, they wouldn’t buy from a supermarket. Green Thumb Farm sells produce such as edible flowers, coriander leaves, wheatgrass and red amaranth to name a few.  

Their products are more for ‘garnishing’ but can easily be consumed for flavour enhancements in meals or for added nutritional benefits. 

Visit their website here for more information and to view their products.