Russell Crowe To Perform With His Band In Malta This june

Via Tennyson Crowe

Australian actor Russell Crowe can’t seem to stay away from Malta as he and his band are set to perform in Malta for their Indoor Garden Party. 

The concert will take place on June 17 – in the lead up to the Mediterrane Film Festival. The festival will bring together established and emerging filmmakers, local and international artists and film enthusiasts. It will be running from June 25 to June 30. It is a great way to inspire artists, discuss stories and learn about different cultures and talents. The festival is a great event to highlight the connections between Malta and the global film industry. 

Crowe’s party will be located at Pjazza San Ġorġ in Valletta and will help allow Malta to be recognised as a major “cultural hub” in Europe. 

Ticket prices range between €30 and €80 and can be purchased here from Ticketline. Be sure to book your spot to avoid disappointment. 

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