Truffle Pastizzi Anyone? New Flavour Lands In Malta But It's Not For Long

A local Pastizzeria has rolled out a new limited edition flavour Pastizzi but it’s only available for two weeks 

Pastizzi is a true staple and iconic food in Maltese cuisine. Typically filled with ricotta or peas, popular outlet Sphinx Pastizzeria has decided to spice the variety up with an all-new, exclusive and limited edition Black Truffle flavoured pastizzi. 

Beginning today, 7 July and continuing for only two weeks, customers will be able to get their hands on the new luxurious snack from all Sphinx outlets both in Malta and Gozo.

Truffle itself has a very distinct flavour and prices for the fungi are extremely high as they are difficult to grow, have a short shelf-life and are seasonal. We have no doubts that the truffle tones mixed with the traditional creamy ricotta or peas filling along with the signature  buttery and crispy pastry will be a true flavour sensation.

Be sure to head down to Sphinx to have your taste buds enjoy a usually unsuspected flavour combination.