It's Getting Hot Hot Hot: Temperatures Set To Soar

Over the weekend and the following week, Malta is set to experience intense temperatures reaching the high 30s

Summer may have arrived late, but it is in full swing and here to stay. 

Summer lovers will be pleased to know that extreme heat will sweep the islands over the weekend and throughout next week. Starting today, Malta will see temperatures of 33° with Saturday rising 3° and hitting 36°. As if that wasn’t hot enough, Sunday will be even higher reaching a high of 37° – giving you the perfect reason to get out and work on that tan (of course following the appropriate health and safety measures). 

Monday of next week and all the way through until Friday, will all see highs of 36°. 

If you intend on heading out and making the most of the intense heat, as always, be sure to keep hydrated, have plenty of water on hand, wear sun protection and ensure that you regularly keep up with your sunscreen application.