A Cooler Break To Hit The Maltese Islands

Via Spruce

Mother nature has decided to finally give us a break and grace the islands with temperatures only slightly cooler than what we have previously experienced over the last week

Today was the first day in what feels like forever, that provided us with a cool breeze. There was also slight cloud coverage which helped ease the scorching hot temperatures. Today reached 34° with tomorrow reaching a high of 33°.

Friday and the weekend will be giving us generous warmth as all three days are expected to hit 34° with sunny skies. Monday goes that one step further and will hit a high of 35° whilst over on Tuesday and Wednesday, they both sit at a hot 34°.

Hopefully, this cool improvement will allow you to get out or swim at a more comfortable pace. As always, be sure to have plenty of drinking water on hand and keep up with sun protection. Keep pets in cool areas when possible and ensure they too, have access to fresh, cool water at all times.