Maltese Tabletop Roleplaying Game Flabbergasted! Nominated for Three ENNIE Awards

Flabbergasted! a comedic 1920s TableTop RolePlaying Game (TTRPG) created by The Wanderer’s Tome, has been nominated for three ENNIE Awards – Best Art Interior, Best Game and Product of the Year. Fans have voted for their favourited TTRPGs in 22 different categories in the prestigious and internationally recognised ENNIE Awards and the results of each category will be announced on 4 August. 

The Wanderer’s Tome is made up of Maltese sisters Fleur and Chelsea Sciortino. The two have a passion for all manner of tabletop roleplaying games. Together they write, produce, and design lighthearted roleplaying content that’s comedic, character-driven, and unique in setting. They are also dedicated to creating inclusive and diverse games. Their start-up began in October 2021 when they successfully kickstarted their first tabletop roleplaying game, Flabbergasted! There are now over 4,000 copies in distribution in 4 different languages.

The ENNIE Awards were first created in 2001 and are awards for role-playing game products and their creators. The Ennie Award Ceremony is hosted at the international gaming convention, Gen Con, which takes place in Indianapolis US and sees over 50,000 attendees. These awards are an annual fan-based celebration of excellence in tabletop roleplaying gaming which gives game designers, writers, and artists the recognition they deserve.

The selection process comprises two rounds. In the first round, publishers submit their products for nomination where five democratically elected judges judge the entries. In the second round, the nominated products are then voted for by the public.

The Ennies are unique among gaming awards where judges follow a strict set of ethical guidelines which help ensure that the Ennies isn’t just a popularity contest by narrowing down hundreds of submissions to only the very best. Only once that shortlist is created, is voting on the final winners open to all. Being nominated for these awards is already an outstanding achievement.

Flabbergasted! joins the ranks alongside other major tabletop roleplaying games that have been nominated for these awards, with recognisable names like Dungeons and Dragons, Tales from the Loop, Avatar Legends, and The One Ring.