Five Beautiful Places to Visit in Malta and Gozo

view of ramla bay from mixta cave gozo

To list all of the places to visit in Malta and Gozo would be impossible. From stunning historical sites and picturesque viewpoints to turquoise waters and sandy beaches, the Maltese Islands can satisfy every traveller’s needs. 

wied il-mielaħ

Wied il-Mielaħ in is located in Għarb, a quiet village on Malta’s sister island Gozo. This site exemplifies unique Maltese geological features, particularly the window at the end of the valley. This coastal natural arch became more popular after the collapse of the popular Azure Window in Dwejra  in 2017. This attraction is marked by a lovely pathway down the valley full of Mediterranean flora and makes for a perfect spot for photographers, rock climbers, and those who look beyond the beaten path. It also promises a lovely outing to those seeking some peace and quiet.


Get lost in the narrow streets of Malta’s silent city and get a cultural experience at its finest. This ancient, fortified city holds a mix of medieval and baroque architecture. Culinary hot spots are not lacking. If you’re into religious and historical heritage, St Paul’s Cathedral awaits, along with several museums, some of which are located in palaces. The viewpoint on Bastion Square at the edge of the walls is not to be missed, especially considering that Mdina is located on a large hill in the centre of Malta.

ramla bay

Gozo’s largest sandy beach, with the privilege of being quite underdeveloped except for a selection of snack bars, has a strong natural element. The landscape features hillsides and rocky countryside, not to mention its distinctive reddish sand. This is a great spot for whoever is looking for a typical Maltese summer experience. This wide beach that comes with a great view everywhere you look, is sure to delight photographers, especially those who want a shot of the statue of Our Lady of Hope, standing in the middle of the beach. This is a Mediterranean highlight that’s worth taking note of.

Għar Lapsi and Filfla

photo credit: malta latina

sunset over filfla from lapsi

Lapsi,  a fishing village with a natural rocky swimming pool boasting blue azure waters is located close to Siġġiewi. Outward from the beach, you can see the beloved Filfla, an uninhabited island and a view that’s appreciated by many. Apart from the diverse swimming spots in one place, the three restaurants surrounding the area complete your trip with the irresistible fresh sea food on offer. Swimming areas are sheltered by cliffs and caves, attracting divers and snorkellers. There’s a picnic area near the playground before you go down to this gem of a bay. If views are your main interest, wait for the sunset! 

paradise bay

The long stairs are totally worth it once you set your eyes on the lovely beach behind Ċirkewwa overlooking Gozo. From the beach you would see the Paradise Bay Resort. Apart from the beach shop and sunbathing areas, who doesn’t want to have a nice meal on the restaurant terrace overlooking the clear water? Even though it can get crowded, it remains a delightful Maltese family beach, and a fun beach day is guaranteed.