Maltese Artist Anna Galea at the First Watercolour Festival in Qingdao

100 metre art scroll

Maltese artist Anna Galea is currently attending the inaugural Qingdao International Watercolour Festival as a guest artist, at the personal invitation of the IWS China leader, Dr Hong Shan.

The picturesque city of Qingdao in northern China is hosting more than 200 esteemed watercolour artists hailing from over 60 nations, transforming Qingdao into an enchanting ‘City of Watercolours’. The festival officially commenced on 22 August, organising numerous events throughout the week, from cultural festivals, to live painting demonstrations and collaborative symposiums, in the charming villages around Qingdao.

Actively participating in this festival, Galea is currently building new relations as she collaborates with various international artists in workshops and seminars. A notable highlight saw the creation of a continuous 100-metre art scroll, which was painted by around 50 artists collectively in a mere two-hour span, captivating onlookers as the final piece was exhibited. Galea also participated in mesmerizing Plein air and rooftop painting sessions, attracting the admiration of locals, guests, and fellow artists alike.

Anna Galea, an award-winning artist based in Malta, Dubai and Rome is known for her remarkably large watercolour canvases, imbued with bold and vivid hues. She has exhibited widely, from New York to Dubai and she now leaves her mark on the artistic terrain of China.

In the heart of Qingdao, a new world of watercolours is emerging, echoing the harmonious strokes of artists from every corner of the globe. The First Qingdao International Watercolour Festival is set to continue until 31 August 2023. For the last two days of the festival, the artists will be painting inland on the majestic mountains of Shanxi. Shanxi is gearing up to become a centre for the gathering of watercolourists and art lovers.