Is This The End Of Summer? Weather Expected To Start Decreasing

It seems that Summer is ending as the next week of weather will be transitioning from sunny skies to wind and then finally, to showers

Today reached a high of 33° and was hot and sunny. Tomorrow on the public holiday, it is expected to reach a high of 32° and be mainly cloudy. To end the working week, we can expect a high of 32° with sunny skies on Friday. 

Over on the weekend, Saturday is expected to get to 31° with winds whilst over on Sunday, it is also expected to be windy whilst reaching a temperature of 27°.

Monday and Tuesday of next week will both bring the rain to Malta as they are expected to both have isolated showers with Monday reaching a temperature of 26° and Tuesday reaching 25°. 

With these dramatically contrasting weather conditions expected for the next week, be sure to regularly keep up to date with the weather so you can plan accordingly.