First ever Cats and Dogs Lovers Festival with Chocolate Fountain this weekend

Cat person and Dog person is just one of the many personality types we use to categorise ourselves. Whether you prefer the relaxed independent nature of cats or the affectionate companionship of dogs, we have just the event for you.  The first ever Cats and Dogs Lovers Festival is happening at the European Council Garden in Gżira this weekend!

At the risk of stating the obvious, attendees are more than welcome to bring along their own cats and dogs. There’ll be plenty of stalls providing quality cat/dog food, accessories and even artisanal products. For those who don’t have their own pets, there’ll be more than enough cats and dogs for you to play with (if one could ever really have enough that is). And, if you’ve been thinking about getting one lately, you can have a chat with one of the many cat/dog rescue shelters representatives who’ll be in attendance. You can also bring whoever is standing in the way of you finally taking that step, they’ll be in such awe of all the adorable animals that the Dog Contest on Sunday alone will probably seal the deal.

Adopting or rescuing is a much better alternative to buying from breeders, and if you’re not quite ready for the commitment you can always foster. In fact, Kitty Guardians For Strays along with some other rescue shelters, animal support groups and non-profit organisations will be holding educational sessions about adoption, training methods, and more. Plus, governmental officials Hon Alicia Buġeja Said (Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Welfare) and Alison Bezzina (Office of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare) will be in attendance. 

From the iconic ice cream brand Gelateria Granola to leading local coffee distributor COFFEE&strangers, a variety of food and beverage stalls providing delicious treats will be at the event. Even GGs Sweet Treats are coming and they’re bringing their famous Chocolate Fountain Delight with them, as well as fresh fruit skewers, marshmallow skewers and donuts! Not to mention, if playing with precious pets and chocolate-dipped marshmellows aren’t enough for your kids, there’s going to be a kids play area with a bouncy castle! 

The Cats and Dogs Lovers Festival will be held from 9.30am till 5.30pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Entrance is completely free, although donations would be a great gesture. The organisers have generously provided graphs with a parking guide, as well as all three entrance points. There’s no reason to miss out on this wholesome one-of-a-kind event. Is there really a better way to spend your weekend than by enjoying some deliciously sugary treats and playing with cute cats and dogs, all while facing the Yacht Marina?