Gozo’s Sweet Tooth Festival returns with Third Edition next month

Do you remember when you were a kid and dreamed of going to some kingdom made of candy? How you looked forward to the afterschool candy or post-dinner dessert that didn’t always come? Even in adulthood, kicking your feet up and opening a tub of ice cream or unwrapping a chocolate bar is one of life’s most simple pleasures. Well, in just under a month, Gozo’s Sweeth Tooth Festival returns to satisfy all of our sugar cravings! 

Head to the Villa Rundle Gardens in Victoria on Sunday 5 November and watch it be transformed into a colourful candyland. The festival will feature over 35 stalls offering chocolate, ice cream, traditional sweets, desserts, and all kinds of other sugary treats – It’s the ultimate stress reliever! And fear not, those with dietary restrictions have not been forgotten; There will be a number of stalls with lactose free, sugar free, gluten free and vegan products, just keep an eye out for the signs.

If it doesn’t already sound like a kid’s dream come true, there will also be various rides and activities for kids to enjoy free of charge. These include a bouncy castle (always a classic), inflatable slides, a glitter station, a trampoline, a rock climbing tower, and many more! What’s more, the Sugar Paste Cake Competition will be held yet again. How do you feel about your cake decorating skills? The Sweet Tooth Festival currently has an open call for interested participants, and there’s no entry fee. First place gets a prize of €250, second place gets €150, and third place gets €100. To apply, simply send an email to sweetfestgozo@gmail.com by no later than 29 October. 

Organised by the Cultural Heritage Directorate, Ministry for Gozo, this event is a perfect way to interact with the local community and have some fun with the whole family. Just imagine yourself a few weeks from now unwinding with a crepe in one hand, a doughnut in the other, and pockets full of sweets. If not for yourself, then attend for your inner child, or perhaps your actual child if you’re a parent.

The festival will start at 10 am and conclude at 5pm, all visitors can enter for free at any time they want. So, mark your calendars and make sure that your cheat day lands on 5 November, cause this unique festival is not worth missing.