Strummin’ Concert returns for 19th edition with a nostalgic theme this weekend

The Strummin’ Foundation invites you all to the 19th edition of Strummin’, a guitar-centric concert which is held every year in aid of the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, with the inaugural concert having been held in November 2002. This year, the concert will be taking place in just a couple of days, on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 October at St. Agatha Auditorium Rabat (M.S.S.P).

The Strummin’ Foundation was established as an official voluntary organisation in January 2019 with the goal of involving youth in musical outreach, by a group of people who had already been involved with the project. In doing so, they aim to empower young people and support the development of their talents. 

The foundation’s annual Strummin’ Concert, which features guitarists and musicians of all skill levels, is one of their many ongoing projects. Through this project and others, it is working with like-minded organisations and entities that deal with young people to create training programs and resources for those who want to start playing the guitar.

This year’s edition is called ‘Stummin’ Turn Back Time’, which as the name suggests, will take the audience on a nostalgic musical journey through time. The performers have prepared a diverse set of arrangements from different decades, which are bound to transport you back in time. From the 1940s to current pop hits, the disco craze of the 70s to the  90s rock ‘n’ roll.

Per tradition, there will be about 60 guitarists on stage (yes, you read that right), a band that just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and 30 singers who will blow you away with their talent. Both shows will start at 8 pm and conclude at 11 pm, tickets (which can be bought here) are priced at 20 for adults and 12 for kids under the age of 12. All proceeds go to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. For updates, Easter eggs, and more information, you can visit the Strummin’ Foundation’s website here