The Annual Bidni Olive Harvest: Branch to Bottle!

From left: Joseph Grima, Emily Francis, Immanuel Grima and Kurt Mifsud

Emily Francis visits father and son, Joseph and Immanuel Grima and Kurt Mifsud and takes a look at some of Marsovin Wineries’ wines whilst learning more about Malta’s Bidni olives 

The annual Bidni Olive Oil harvest has concluded for the year. The Grima family Olive Oil Orchard and the Mediterranean Culinary Academy joined forces with Marsovin winery who supplied the wine and taught us about their different products. They created one of the best date nights around the island and it only occurs for two weeks out of the year – taking place at the end of September and early October. 

A wine that is produced by Marsovin Wineries

This is the opportunity to learn more about and help harvest the endemic Bidni olives from the trees. Bidni olives are native only to Malta and have exceptional health properties including high amounts of polyphenols and antioxidants. Combined with low levels of acid, they truly make a smooth and delectable oil. Immanuel and his father, Joseph Grima, along with Kurt Mifsud and the staff at the Mediterranean Culinary Academy, teamed up for an exquisite evening of harvesting the olives whilst experiencing fine dining at its best with a three course meal. They also had olive oil tasting and wine tasting to teach us more about the olive varieties and the different wines that Marsovin offers. 

Father and son duo Joseph Grima and Immanuel Grima with Kurt Mifsud

Last years harvest of Bidni Olive Oil won a Platinum medal in the UK for best olive oil and hopefully this year’s yield may do the same! Because of this extraordinary adventure, present, was a camera crew from UK’s Channel 5, filming a documentary for the harvest as part of their Maltese Documentary Series coming out in January.

The Bidni Olives freshly picked

If you missed this opportunity, fear not! You can still buy the Bidni Olive Oil from last years harvest through their online shop and once these olives have been pressed into oil, you can purchase this new harvest as well! We hope to see you next year at the next Branch to Bottle Event!

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