A Ghostly Tour of Birgu on Halloween Night

the inquisitor's palace

Birgu, also known as Cittá Vittoriosa, is a city known for the vital role it played during the Great Siege of Malta (1565). Given its extensive background in marine and military operations, it is rumoured that the area is haunted by ghosts. This Halloween, October 31, explore the ghost-ridden sites on a tour collaboratively organised by Malta Ghost Tours and Colour my Travel.

Birgu has seen a great deal of violence and brutality. During The Great Siege, the Knights of St. John even used murder prisoners’ decapitated heads as cannonballs against the Ottomans. It is said that the ghosts of those prisoners still lurk around the city looking for their heads. The Holy Roman Inquisition, whose methods of torture are still well-known today, had its headquarters in this city as well.

In those times, it was common practice to publicly execute people who admitted to committing crimes or engaging in dark arts. There are even rumours that the Inquisitor’s palace originally featured a well full of knives as punishment, sending those found guilty down to their doom. Supposedly, some people still cross the street to avoid walking next to the palace. Moreover, between 1940 and 1943, World War II left the city completely destroyed with unavoidable casualties.

These terrible atrocities, along with many others that Birgu has experienced throughout the years, have left a long lasting belief among people that ghosts from these times still haunt the old city. Do you dare find out for yourself? Tag along on an exciting journey and uncover more about Birgu’s troubled background.

The tour lasts 2 hours, beginning at 8pm and ending at 10 pm. The Birgu Main Gate near Cafe Riche is the designated meeting point. Tickets are priced at €15 for adults and €7.50 for children under 12, they can be purchased here