Cooking Up a Storm with 11-year old Gwen Gravina

gwen gravina

In a world where culinary wizards and gastronomic geniuses reign supreme, there shines a bright star on the culinary horizon, and her name is Gwen Gravina.

With a spatula in one hand and a zest for adventure in the other, this 11-year-old prodigy has ignited the food scene with a spark that’s nothing short of explosive. She has rapidly established herself as an internet sensation through “Gwen’s Cooking Club”, with over 18 thousand followers to date. We caught up with Gwen to find out more!

What is Gwen’s Cooking Club, and when did it begin?

It all began during Covid 19 whilst we were experiencing lockdowns. Gwen’s Cooking Club started as my ‘baby’ and has grown for almost four years. Never did I imagine that it would go this far. For me, Gwen’s Cooking Club means 100 per cent dedication and commitment towards my social media platforms, my followers, and my passion towards cooking.

What’s your favourite dish, and why do you love making it?

Without any doubt, two of my top ingredients whilst cooking are chicken and pasta, which have always been my all-time favourites. I also love experimenting with different marinades and sauces when using these ingredients. Fun fact: my first recipe was chicken dippers! My all time favourite dish to cook is chicken carbonara… In fact, this recipe can also be found in one of my cooking books.

Can you tell me about a cooking technique or skill you’ve learned recently that interests you?

One of my favourite techniques I have been learning recently is how to use a piping bag and work with different nozzles.

If you could create your signature dish, what ingredients and flavours would you combine?

If I had to create my signature dish, it would consist of a smokey barbecue chicken flavour. It would include different spices such as cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, cumin powder, and chilli oil.

What’s the most challenging recipe you’ve ever tried, and how did you overcome any difficulties?

The most challenging recipe I have ever tried was making homemade spring rolls. It was one of the first recipes I tried (I was 8 years old), and I just couldn’t get the hang of rolling the spring roll filling in the filo pastry.

Do you have a favourite kitchen gadget or tool you use often when cooking?

It has to be my flour sifter and a palette.

If you could cook a meal for anyone in the world, who would it be, and what would you prepare for them?

I would be honoured to cook for the junior chef, Buddy Oliver. He is my age and happens to be the son of the man himself, Jamie Oliver! I would prepare for him Chinese chicken with cashew nuts served with Asian noodles, followed by white chocolate and mascarpone tarts.

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