Discover the Best Breakfast Spots in the South of Malta

Traditional English Breakfast at Zeffie's

When you wake up in the picturesque southern region of Malta, your first thought might be, “Where can I find a fantastic breakfast to kickstart a day of adventure?” Well, fret not because this area of the island is brimming with delightful eateries that will fill your belly and set the stage for an exciting day of exploration! Here, you will find five breakfast hotspots well worth giving a try.

Talbot and bons, Gudja

Are you an early bird or a night owl? It doesn’t matter at Talbot and Bons because they’re open 24 hours, ready to serve you delectable delights whenever you crave them. These breakfast maestros know the art of creating a morning affair to prepare you for a great day.

Corner View, marsascala

Look no further than Corner View for a down-to-earth breakfast experience with spectacular views of Marsascala’s picturesque harbour. This charming rustic eatery offers a mouthwatering selection of breakfast staples that will have you savouring every bite. It’s no wonder why this local hotspot is a favourite among residents and visitors alike.

Marilù's, Siġġiewi

If you’re on the hunt for a gourmet breakfast that will leave your palate dancing with joy, Marilu’s in Siġġiewi is the place to be and the place to be seen. This charming establishment redefines breakfast with innovative and delectable offerings, making it an absolute must-visit for food enthusiasts. Oh, and the surroundings of Siġġiewi’s pretty village square are just divine!

South East Café, Marsaxlokk

Nestled in the heart of this pretty fishing village, South East Café is a hidden treasure that beckons you with its inviting atmosphere and a menu that goes beyond the ordinary. Go ahead, and delight in the taste of luscious Acai bowls, an exotic treat that will transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise. Too fancy for your liking? Stick to a plate of traditional English goodness. 

One for the Family: Zeffie's, Zabbar

If you’re exploring Malta with the little ones in tow, Zeffies is the perfect spot for your morning meal. This family-friendly eatery offers a mouthwatering breakfast and a soft play area for children, ensuring that both young and old have a delightful start to their day. Plus, they’re generous with their breakfast hours, serving until noon.

As you prepare to tour the islands (or chilling by the pool), remember that the day’s adventures begin with a hearty breakfast. These charming breakfast spots offer much more than just a meal; they provide a delicious start to a day full of exploration and discovery.

….And don’t forget, “L-ikla t-tajba!” (That’s Bon Appetit in Maltese!