Malta's Own Davide Tucci Takes Centre Stage in Greek Film "Minore"

Davide Tucci with Serena Iansitu, on set of “Un Passo Dal Cielo”, shot by Erika Kuenka

Malta, a scenic gem known for its picturesque landscapes, has played a pivotal role as a backdrop in numerous international film and television productions. However, the island nation rarely witnesses one of its own talents stepping into the limelight on the global cinematic stage. Davide Tucci, an Italian-Maltese actor, is poised to change this narrative as he journeys into international stardom, affirming that Maltese talent knows no borders.

With a track record of versatile performances across the Maltese theater, film, and television scene, Davide Tucci is now boldly venturing onto the international arena. His latest endeavour, the Greek film “Minore,” directed by Konstantinos Koutsoliotas, a notable name recognised for his contributions to blockbusters like “300,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and as part of the VFX team behind the Oscar-winning “1917,” is rapidly gaining international acclaim and distribution.

“Minore” is an intriguing cinematic creation that defies easy categorisation, described as a unique blend of horror, music, Lovecraftian monsters, comedy, and Greek culture. This captivating journey of fun and craziness brings together a Greek cast and crew with one notable exception—Davide Tucci, who plays the sailor William who arrives on the shores of Greece with a mysterious purpose.

Davide Tucci as William, still from “Minore”

The film has already enjoyed sold-out screenings at prominent genre film festivals around the world, including Fantaspoa in Brazil, Mexico’s Macabro, and London’s FrightFest. Next up, Davide is set to accompany “Minore” to entertain audiences at Belgium’s Razor Reel Film Festival in Bruges, on November 2nd, and the prestigious 64th Thessaloniki International Film Festival on 4 November.

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is one of Europe’s most awaited cinematic events, attracting over 80,000 viewers and renowned figures from the international film scene, including luminaries like John Malkovich, Willem Dafoe, and Catherine Deneuve, to name a few.

Beyond “Minore,” Davide Tucci’s journey extends into an impressive portfolio of recent projects. Audiences have seen him on Netflix’s “Barbarians,” directed by Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky, and as part of the principal cast on the beloved Italian drama “Un Passo Dal Cielo”, on RAI UNO. He’s also featured in the Italian Amazon Prime Video film “So Tutto Di Te.” 

Currently, Davide Tucci is on the grand set of Cinecittá, Rome, filming the upcoming historical episodic drama “Those About To Die,” based on the book by Daniel P. Mannix—the same book that inspired Ridley Scott’s original “Gladiator” and its sequel, “Gladiator 2” (which was or is being shot in Malta). “Those About To Die” in which Davide plays Manilius, which boasts a stellar cast including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Iwan Rheon (Game Of Thrones), Jojo Macari (Sex Education), Sarah Martins (Little White Lies), Rupert Penry-Jones (Mission Impossible 5), among others, and is under the visionary direction of Hollywood’s “master of disaster,” Roland Emmerich, known for his work on blockbusters like “Independence Day,” “Godzilla,” and “The Day After Tomorrow.”

Davide Tucci as Septimus, still from “Barbarians” on Netflix

Horror, monsters, the allure of H.P. Lovecraft and one hell of a crazy, whacky ride – “Minore” promises to be a cinematic delight in 2024. We reached out to Davide Tucci to ask him a few questions and although he couldn’t reveal any details with regards to the role of Manilius on “Those About To Die” or details about the release of “Minore” in the Maltese Islands – he couldn’t help but share his excitement for the road ahead.

Check out the Minore trailer below: