Malta’s first Lego Expo kicks off tonight in Qormi

LEGO is arguably one of the biggest and most iconic toy brands of our generation. Tonight, Tuesday October 31, Malta’s very first Lego Expo kicks off at Każin Banda San Ġorġ in Ħal-Qormi. The event will take place every evening until Thursday 2 November, bringing you three nights of exhibitions, competitions, and games!

If you haven’t heard of LEGO, your kids certainly have, but who hasn’t at this point? Legos are “plastic construction toys” that you put together yourself to make all kinds of models. Simply put, they’re those small plastic blocks you’ve probably had to stop your child from chewing on at some point (and also aren’t Playmobil). Some younger readers will recall building them, playing with them, or perhaps even nearly choking on them a couple of times. 

Having said that, Legos are by no means age exclusive. Constructing them elicits a combination of rationale, creativity and play that can be enjoyed by anybody. Not to mention, seeing the final product gives a sense of accomplishment to the builder. While most are aimed at people over the age of 4, there’s sets adapted for children as young as 1½ years old, as well as some more technically challenging ones meant for teenagers and adults.

This expo will see LEGO collectors, builders, and aficionados of varying ages and skill sets gather in one place for an entertainment-packed and family-friendly event. The highlight of the expo will be the exhibition, which will give LEGO creators an opportunity to observe impressive builds and even showcase their own – It is set to be full to the brim with lego sets!

But, that’s not all the three-day event has to offer. Visitors can expect some fun games and even competitions, including a treasure hunt, a building competition (participants are to be split according to age groups), and more! Moreover, it’s a chance for you or your kid to meet people who share this niche interest. Plus, it’s an easy way to add some fun to your weekdays.

The first Malta Lego expo will be held tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday, lasting from 5 pm to 8 pm on all three days. Entrance is free, no bookings or tickets required. For further information, you can send an email to or else call on 79801650.