Malta's Week In The 20's

Malta’s weather for the next week will be sitting comfortably in the 20s – but be prepared for cloud and rain

Halloween is set to reach a high of 28° and is expected to be windy. Tomorrow will reach a high of 26° and will be mainly cloudy. Thursday will be partly cloudy and will also reach a high of 26°. 

Over on Friday, Malta can expect winds and a temperature hitting 25°. To begin the weekend, Malta will be windy with isolated showers and will reach a high of 22°. Both Sunday and Monday will reach 24° and have partial cloud coverage. 

Although the temperature is not budging out of the 20s, Malta’s skies and sun will either be covered in clouds or will provide the islands with slight rainfall. 

As usual, be sure to keep updated with the weather as it tends to change on a daily basis.