Magical Mosta: The Mosta Dome Experience

Since April 4 2023, the Mosta Parish Church has hosted Magical Mosta every Tuesday between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm. This three-part experience will let you explore Mosta on your own terms, with exciting activities to be enjoyed along the way.


Once at the Mosta Rotunda, visitors will be welcomed to the church’s sacristies, where one can find the famed Miracle Bomb replica, as well as a variety of religious displays. For some historical context; On April 9 1942 during World War II, two aerial German bombs hit The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Mosta. One of them was deflected, although the other pierced through the dome and fell into the church with townspeople in it – the miracle is it never went off!

If you want to know more, pamphlets detailing the event will be handed out in multiple languages. Plus, you can download a mobile app featuring a 7-minute video about Mosta. Visitors may also go to the World War II Shelter, which has two exhibitions on view. One displays images of Malta taken during the war, while the other displays the equipment used in traditional Maltese vocations.


For the second part of the experience, you’ll take to the streets and visit several places of interest. With the accompaniment of a team member, you’ll get exclusive access to Mosta’s best hidden attractions. What’s more, the booklet will detail the significance of each spot, and if you seek more information you can listen through the mobile app.


In the centre of Mosta is a typical townhouse dating back to 1800. After the siblings Grezzju, Gużeppa, and Sunta gave Dar Mustija to the Mosta Parish in 1974, it became a hub for religious education and formation ever since. Today, the house is used to greet visitors and provide them with regional cuisine and beverages, including a Maltese buffet serving pastizzi (Maltese cheesecakes), qassatat, bigilla and water biscuits, Maltese tuna ftira, and more! Visitors can savour some Maltese delicacies, while unwinding in the charming garden surrounded by orange trees. 

If you’re interested, you can book online here. Tickets are priced at €25 for adults, although children under 12 years old who are accompanied by an adult get in for free. One ticket guarantees access to all these great sites and activities, all of which can be enjoyed at any time between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm!