The MDRA Drag Race Championship Finals 2023 to be held this month

Thursday 23 November marks the beginning of the 2023 Drag Racing Championship QTM FINALS! Powered by esteemed, the event is organised by the Malta Drag Racing Association, the same committee that held the first ever Quarter Mile in Malta all the way back in 1989.

In just a couple of weeks, the Ħal-Far Raceway will host over 100 competitors from all over the world. From cars to bikes, they’ll be driving a wide range of vehicles in various classes on the strip, and fighting to the finish line to take home the prize. It’s 4 amazing days of some of the greatest drag racing Malta has to offer! Experience this thrilling racing environment among a bunch of other drag racing aficionados in the grandstand area. However, the organisers have ensured that there is more to be enjoyed beyond the race.

Race teams will be displaying their vehicles in the pits, meanwhile, kids can enjoy the fun playing area. If you get hungry, you can dine at the association’s very own restaurant and have your pick from some delicious cuisine. Not to mention, there will be great music playing the whole time. Safe to say there’s something for the whole family!

So, make sure to keep November 23 to 26 free for this “unique week of drag racing between some of the fastest dragsters, cars and bikes!”. Bring your loved ones and some competitive energy! The event will start at 9 am and end at 7 pm on all four days, tickets will be available for purchase by the door throughout. They are priced at €10 for one day and €35 for four, i.e. the entire championship event.