Sculpture Exhibition 'Eye Sea You' by Trevor Diacno at Il-Kamra ta' Fuq

Embark on a captivating creative journey, where the complexity of life and the depths of the sea converge, at Trevor Diacno’s exhibition ‘Eye Sea You’.

Renowned for his inventive blending of life’s complex stories with art, Trevor Diacono comes from a family of painters in Malta. His work explores the extraordinary inside the commonplace and has a strong relationship to the sea. Based in Brussels now, his art challenges stereotypes and provokes thought in viewers, drawing inspiration from his Maltese history and European influences. 

Trevor’s work pushed the boundaries of convention and offers a new perspective on the interdependence of art, nature, and people. It is characterised by a deep appreciation for the subtleties of existence. ‘Eye Sea You’ showcases the profound link between land and sea, as well as the constantly changing boundaries of human perception, through the morphing of man and sea creatures.

Trevor Diacono’s ‘Fish Face’ sculpture collection is the centrepiece of this exhibition; The seven sculptures each show a distinct expression and tell a vivid story about the unpredictability of life. A wide variety of mediums, including rust on metal pieces, was used to make the pieces in the exhibition; all of the pieces capture different facets of the sea. This aquatic theme is an ongoing motif in the artist’s oeuvre.

The exhibition aims to pique curiosity with its almost caricature-like sculptures of marine creatures and its series of hanging sculptures that depict the sea’s rugged. It challenges guests to think outside the box and come away with a new outlook. Every wave, every expression, every rusting texture holds a secret story full of beauty and connection just waiting to be unearthed.

‘Eye Sea You’ will remain open at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq in Mqabba until December 3. Visitors can attend from 6 am to noon all week, except from 7 am to noon on Sundays. Evening hours change throughout the weeks, with updates to be found here. This project is supported by Fish and Fish, Best Print Malta, Ghigo Medical Supplies, iLabphoto, Beati Paoli Restaurant, and New Life Bar – Mqabba.