Olive oil pressing in Bidnija

Before moving to Malta, it never ever occurred to me to look at my bottles of olive oil to find out if the olives were of a single variety or blend, or even where they came from. I once attended a course about olive oil, led by a well-known doctor in America. In a nutshell, he told us not to bother buying any olive oils manufactured in America and to stick with Italian or Spanish oils. He also said, the greener the oil, the higher the quality. Those are the two nuggets of wisdom that stuck with me from the course

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Emily in Malta: Figs in Mellieħa

Out of all the incredible bits of information that I’ve been receiving from all of our extraordinary interviews with local Maltese farmers, this one is of utmost importance. This is particularly crucial for someone like me, a neophyte with regards to anything fruit farming and cultivation

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Emily in Malta: Gozitan sea salt

Welcome friends of the land and salty sea! With Oh My Malta, we travelled to Gozo for this article, to check out the salt pans of Leli tal-Melħ. I’m going to throw some information about salt before we jump into the salt pan process, as the uses for salt go far beyond the kitchen

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Emily in Malta: Mġarr strawberries

The strawberry packs a mighty punch when it comes to what that little fruit is all about. One of the highest allergy-inducing foods around, both strawberries and tomatoes can present with a sensitivity in those who are allergic to birch pollen. {1} This is also due to the way in which conventional strawberries (and tomatoes) are grown and handled

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